Chief Executive Officer | Affiliated Ambulatory Surgery, PC

I have only praise for Sasso Matchmaking.

When I made the decision to sell our surgery center’s license, I went to Marcy for guidance. She had faithfully and flawlessly served as our ASC consultant for many years, so I trusted her. She mentioned that she had just started a “matchmaking” service, connecting those who were searching to purchase an ASC license with those looking to sell an ASC license. While I was a bit hesitant to put something so important into the hands of someone who calls herself a “matchmaker”, rather than into the hands of a “broker” or an “attorney”, I went with my gut and put my trust in Marcy.

Dealing with the New Jersey Department of Health during non-pandemic times is “challenging” at best. During pandemic times, it was a nightmare. Every day the DOH presented new obstacles to the sale and transfer of our license to the purchaser. Seasoned (and expensive) attorneys were literally useless in moving this along, but Marcy came up with creative strategies that enabled us to quickly navigate all the chaos and close the sale. What Marcy “lacked in titles”, she more than made up for with organic intelligence, common sense, determination, and an old-school ethic of wanting to give her utmost to her client.

Due to her extensive and current work in the world of ASCs, Marcy has the distinction of knowing who’s who within the DOH, which proved to be invaluable to successfully overcoming the endless obstacles of red tape, impossible requirements, and unreturned calls and emails.

I can say confidently that, had I exclusively entrusted the sale of our ASC license to an attorney, without Marcy in the mix, the process would still be in limbo at the DOH and the transaction would have ended up a failure. I am most grateful to Marcy; she is a pleasure to work with and a force to reckon with.

Admin/DON | Premier Endoscopy Center

I received the COVID handbook and just starting to read it. I can see that a lot of time and effort went in to put this all together. Just want to thank you for all the valuable information and helping to make my job easier. Hope  you have a GREAT holiday weekend. Stay safe and enjoy

Diamond Institute for Infertility and Menopause

I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until Marcy came to our center.  She was instrumental in getting us through our state inspection.  Marcy continues to be an invaluable resource even after our inspection.

CEO of WASC HOLDING LLC | Wayne Surgical Center LLC | Elite Surgical Center LLC

We recently decided to add annual training to our surgical centers.  We decided to focus that training on going “back to the basics”. We engaged Ms. Marcy Sasso with Sasso Consulting to conduct two training sessions on a couple of Saturday mornings in November.

Our two surgery centers combined perform in excess of 10,000 cases per year and sometimes the work can become routine.

The training sessions were well received by the staff. Ms. Sasso kept the staff fully engaged, welcomed, no demanded participation and covered a variety of topics specifically germane to our staff and centers. 

The feedback from the staff was that Ms. Sasso’s training program was very informative; loved the use of lottery tickets to encourage discussion; and shared great examples of actual events, etc.

Overall, a great training program designed, and delivered very professionally.

Chief Department of Anesthesia | Monmouth Medical Center

Marcy Sasso has brought together nursing, physician and administrative staff with experts and state and federal regulators in the ambulatory surgery industry. This coalition has had tremendous growth in both quality of information shared and in membership through her strong leadership and dedication.

Vice President of Sales | Premiere Plus

I have known Marcy for many years. Marcy is passionate about the medical industry and is inspirational working so diligently to educate and share information with her peers. I would highly recommend Marcy as a knowledgeable public speaker for the medical industry.

Infection Preventionist | TCD Consulting, LLC

Marcy is very efficient in her work and a clear communicator and organizer.

Senior Account Manager | AT&T

Marcy is an excellent public speaker and event coordinator/organizer extraordinaire. I would highly recommend her in any capacity as far as Surgery Center knowledge and management!

Infection Preventionist | St. Mary’s Hospital

I recommend Marcy as the co-chair and founder of the Surgery Center Coalition (SCC), a group which has facilitated the networking and education of ambulatory surgery managers, directors and staff as a competent professional. Marcy believes in education and the ongoing networking of other professionals.

Clinical Coordinator Outpatient Radiation Oncology | RWJ Barnabas Health

Marcy is not only detail oriented, but she is a great communicator with an open door policy. She encourages growth of self and always encourages her team to move forward.


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