To ensure successful surveys and maintain regulatory compliance, enlist the help of Sasso Consulting.
Leading professional consulting company specializing in Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) compliance.

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More Services We Offer

  • On-site Mock Survey 1.5 days ( approx. 10 hours)
  • On Site Survey Support
  • Annual Education  on site 3.0 Hour Program
  • ASC Quality Improvement Plan and Assistance with Two Required Annual Quality Studies
  • ASC Benchmarking
  • ASC Policy and Procedure Manual Printed and in a flash drive
  • ASC Infection and Sterile Processing Manual, helpful to Submit with a POC
  • ASC OSHA Manual and Educational Module
  • ASC Employee Handbook, Includes HR Policies and Procedures -Options of Employee Evaluation Programs -Employee Job Descriptions and Competency
  • ASC Infection Control  Mock Survey/ Audit
  • ASC Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • ASC Logs and Documentation
  • ASC Infection Control In-Service for Anesthesia
  • ASC Due Diligence for Sale or Purchase
  • Act as a Referral Consultant for Selling and Purchasing of Centers
  • ASC Monthly on-site Consultation may include assistance Governance meeting and Minutes
  • ASC Revenue Cycle review and Coding Audit
  • ASC Materials Management Review
  • ASC Staffing/Payroll Review
  • ASC Patient Experience Survey Design/ Implementation and Monthly
  • Reporting and Benchmarking
  • ASC Patient Experience Education (AIDET, BE KIND) 2 Hours on Site
  • ASC Compliance Program and Education for Staff and MD
  • ASC Pharmacy Audits Quarterly- Amit Gupta, Rph
  • Phone and Remote Support- Annual Contracts

Survey Readiness: Areas of Compliance During a Mock Survey

Once you sign the contract, and send retainer you will be sent Sasso Prep for A Survey

  • Administration: Patient Rights, and Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Personnel: Staff Policies, Orientation and Procedures
  • Quality Assurance: 10 Step Studies, and Risk Management 
  • Physician Credentialing (Initial and Re-Appointment)
  • Governance, Bylaws, Minutes and Peer Review
  • Medical Records: Patient Audits and Sample Record Review 
  • Center Logs and Protocols
  • Center Contracts, Vendors
  • Infection Control: Monthly Physician Tracking, Hand Hygiene, Overall Monitoring
    • Safety: Drills, Preparation for Emergencies, Equipment
    • Physical Walk through
    • Observation of One Patient Tracer (Registration to Discharge including OR Time Out)

My role is to make sure your leadership team is comfortable and ready for a State, CMS or OIG Survey; I will offer valuable information, tools and ensure “Best Practice” readiness; not just during the 90-day Survey window. Survey readiness is an ongoing process; a new set of eyes will pick up trends and make immediate recommendations, ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained throughout the entire Center.

As my Client, within (14) fourteen business days after the Survey, you will receive a comprehensive report regarding all findings and recommendations discovered during the Mock Survey. During the Survey days, the Center needs to provide me one or more Team members who has access to Medical Records, Logs, Provider and Staff files.

Reasons For Our Success

Personal Touch

Special quality, filled with passion for compliance and exciting team members

Industry Updates

We subscribe to newsletters and trade publications

Teaching & Mentoring

Sharing 25 years of experience in day to day operations

Great Resource

Quick to get back to you, and guide you through a survey

Effective Feedback

Reports and communication is very detailed

DOH Relationships

Communicate with DOH team members regularly

Our Clients

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