Sasso Consulting LLC is a full-service Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) & Private Practice Compliance Consulting Company.  Sasso Consulting focuses on ambulatory compliance, regulatory services, and the ability to offer exceptional care and safety to Centers and their patients. Founded in 2013, by Marcy Sasso, CASC, who’s experience includes more than 28 years as a Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator, and Director of Compliance and Development in the ASC and healthcare industry.

Sasso Consulting assists Centers by providing customized healthcare consulting and regulatory services. Sasso Consulting has teamed up with over 60 healthcare companies, organizations, and Surgery Centers to design, apply, manage and improve their compliance programs.

Sasso Consulting has experienced and accredited team members 1099 Consultants that understand both mandated requirements, and how to implement a compliance team to execute what is needed to meet those requirements.

Sasso Consulting understands that the Outpatient industry is subject to a significant amount of regulatory oversight in HIPAA, OSHA, Corporate Compliance, and Human Resources. These regulations necessitate not just a need for robust programs, keeping current with relevant policies and procedures, but also a requirement for annual staff education and training.

Sasso Consulting stays updated on all regulations and delivers ongoing assessments and auditing of their Center’s programs and their staff’s continuing education/training. We pride ourselves on keeping our Centers up-to-date and advised of any modifications and latest federal and state regulations, guidelines or laws they are required to follow

Our Mission at Sasso Consulting is to supply the tools, preparations, education, and support that our Centers need to generate quality programs that provide best practices throughout the Center and most important we pass surveys together.


If you have needs for:

  • A Mock Survey for your State -AAAHC, JCAHO, OSHA, Medicare (CMS), AAAASF, or another Regulatory Agency
  • Transitioning to a Licensed ASC
  • Quarterly Audits (Medical Records, Peer Review and Safety)
  • Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement or Benchmarking Studies (Assistance or Implementation)
  • Compliance Review and Resolution of any Problems or Issues
  • Custom, Implementation and/or Review of Policies & Procedures
  • Recruitment of Staff and/or Leadership
  • Credentialing and/or Peer Review
  • Board Meeting Preparation
  • Staff Training (Mandatory or other training)
  • Management (Assistance or Interim)
  • Life Safety Code Surveillance
  • State/Federal DOH, 855B Application preparations & submission assistance
  • Special or Custom Projects…….and more!

Our goals join together with our Centers’ to ensure a best practices setting.

We are truly passionate about providing valuable education, resources, and delivering the means, skills, mentoring, contacts/networking, and cost savings ideas.  Sasso Consulting is excited to help you achieve your compliance goals and survey readiness.

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